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I use zantrex3 frequently to lose weight. I always feel good taking zantrex3 and its helping me lose weight. I do feel like I'm a little "high" if I take too much of this but it seems like it makes me feel better about myself and I have tons of energy to do whatever I need to. I'm a very busy person and under a lot of stress in my profession. I have noticed that if i don't keep my diet good that my bowels feel a little loose. However, if i eat normally and keep up my exercise that there is no problem. I'm losing weight, yeah! I have energy to burn which helps me to be enthusiastic and excited which also helps me in my profession. I originally heard that celebrities were taking this to help them and now I see why. Zantrex3 has really helped me stay in shape and my shape is very important to me. If you want fast results and don't mind feeling really good then Zantrex3 is for you...

Review provided by Cynthia in Duarte, CA USA
on 3/18/2008 3:01:40 PM
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