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Taking a vitamin supplement can be an excellent way to give your body a balanced amount of necessary nutrients. Eating the proper amounts of fruit, vegetables, and nuts are an obvious way to give our body what it needs. How do you measure these proper amounts? We're all quite busy these days and so taking a vitamin pill or supplement can be very beneficial and it is easier to do.
Proleva Proleva Vitamin Supplement - You Feel Better When You're Body Gets The Correct Vitamins. Especially If Those Supplements Neutralize Free Radicals Before They Cause Cell Damage.

When you cut up an apple and leave it out it will usually turn brown quickly. However if you soak the apple slices in orange juice the browning of the slices will be greatly reduced and the oxidation process is halted. This is how Proleva works. Proleva provides your body with needed nutrients and thus reduces the free radical oxidation of your cells thus slowing aging at the cellular level. Do you want to wake up in the morning refreshed? You will feel better especially since you know that you're putting in your body the needed vitamins or nutrients that are needed. Eating healthy is one of the best things you can do to take care of yourself especially with all the junk that is sold today. Take control and get the equivalent fruits and nutrients by taking this vitamin supplement.

I was looking for a great vitamin supplement that had all the good herbs and fruits that our body needs. I found it with proleva and this stuff simply makes me feel better. Seems to give me a sense of well being. I don't think there is any caffeine in proleva but I kind of get a natural high while using proleva. I love this product...

Review provided by Evelyn in Sioux Falls, Iowa United States on 1/20/2010 11:20:10 PM User Rating

I decided to buy proleva about a month ago and do I feel much better. I am a woman in my 40s and have always been somewhat of a health nut. I've gotten too busy and haven't been getting as much fruit as I like. Now I realize that with taking proleva that Im getting just about the same nutrients. Red wine, pomegranate joice, green tea, noni, and even acai are just some of the ingredients. I seem to have more energy and my husband says I look better. I feel good so it must be doing something for me. I used to hate taking a bunch of different vitamins to get what I needed. Now I only take proleva vitamin supplement. I completely recommend this product to everyone because I feel great!

Review provided by Michelle in Omaha, NB USA on 11/11/2008 3:44:36 PM User Rating

I feel lousy, can't sleep and usually take lunesta to help me sleep. I am quite the insomniac and my diet usually consists of a bunch of fast foods, junk food, etc. I have decided to clean up my act and make a couple of changes. First of all, I needed to lose weight so I started taking Akavar and started losing some pounds. I also started taking Proleva to get the correct vitamins and nutrients that my body needs. I'm feeling so much better now. I feel like I'm now getting the rest or sleep I need. I have stopped taking lunesta and the side effects stopped. Proleva I think is what is making me feel better. I stopped taking akavar because I lost 20 pounds, which is all weight I needed to lose. I'm still taking proleva and I haven't felt this great for years. Proleva is guaranteed to make you feel better so just try it and feel better like I have.

Review provided by Daren in Tuscon, AZ USA on 2/18/2008 11:51:11 AM User Rating

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