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Maintaining a fast steady walk on a treadmill is a great way to stay in shape. Of course if you simply walk casually it won't do you much good. If you run on your treadmill that can be an awesome way to increase your cardio work out. You know if you're sweating like a dog while working out on a treadmill that you're getting a good work out. If you have joint problems an elliptical may be a better choice because the stress on your joints is much less. Don't take my word for it and see what others have to say about the treadmills below...
TC6000 BowFlex Tread Climber TC6000 - Get The Body You Want In Half The Time With This New Treadmill / Stair Stepper!

The BowFlex TC6000 is the top-end of the company's TreadClimber line of treadmill/stair stepper hybrids. As with the other TreadClimber machines, the two platforms move up and down independently like a traditional stair stepper while simultaneously turning like miniature treadmills. To add variation to your workouts, the platforms can also be locked together to operate like a standard treadmill with a 10 percent incline or, if you simply mount the TC6000 without turning on the power, it will operate in standard stair stepper mode. The TC6000 features the largest console in the TreadClimber range and offers an array of programmed workouts, such as interval, cross training, heart rate control and plateau modes. There is no doubt that this model delivers effective, low-impact workouts that combine the movements of a stair stepper and a treadmill.

I have been using this bowflex tread climber for over a year. I'm in the best shape I've ever been in. I only spend 20 minutes a day and my muscles burn every time but I keep pushing myself. Its the best treadmill i've ever used.

Review provided by David Jensen in Sioux Falls, IA United States on 10/31/2009 6:24:43 PM User Rating

Recently I decide to buy the treadclimber tc6000. I love to work out on this treadmill/treadclimber by bowflex. This treadclimber really works wonderfully just like the commercial or informercial. I can monitor my heart effectively and my workout seems to be easier than on my old bowflex treadmill to get a good "burn". I am an avid treadmill user, I work out everyday. I have even lost a few more pounds since I decided to get the treadclimber tc6000. I don't know if its because I'm excited about this treadmill or because its making me work harder. I reccomend this "treadclimber" to everyone and can say it is the best treadmill I've ever used...

Review provided by Harry in Baton Rouge, LA USA on 5/6/2008 3:16:54 PM User Rating

The bowflex treadclimber tc6000 is a tremendous workout machine. I have a room full various fitness equipment but this treadclimber is the best i've ever worked out on. It seems to be easier than any other machine I've used and my heart rate stays up there where I need it to be. I especially like the electronic panel which lets me adjust my workout precisely. I give this machine 2 thumbs up! Greatest workout in less time and effort than any I've used. I would definately buy the bowflex treadclimber again...

Review provided by Patrick in WA, Seattle USA on 3/18/2008 2:20:20 PM User Rating

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