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Do you want to have plump and sexy lips? Most women do, in fact this simply drives the guys crazy. Who doesn't want lightly tease and kiss plump and inviting lips. This actually make you look younger and can be one of the most sensual parts of a women's body. Yes, guys know this, why do you think Angelina Jolie was voted as having the best lips in the country. Some women are gifted with plump lips. Some have operations with Botox or fat injected in their lips. Why do that when you can simply paint on a lip gloss like liquid and your lips get plumper or bigger in no time.
SovageILP Sovage Instant Lip Plumper - Full, plump, sensual lips. They're unforgettable... They make you look young, sexy, even a little... dangerous!

Sovage, the first lip plumping formula that does more than just make your lips swell. Sovage Instant Lip Plumper actually refines and reshapes the look of your lips. That's why Sovage Instant Lip Plumper is the most sought-after lip serum today. The first lip plumping formula that does more than just make your lips swell. Sovage Instant Lip Plumper actually refines and reshapes the look of your lips... transforming the appearance of contour, size and color. Your lips remain soft, moist, seductive... all day, all night!

My lips have always been too thin! I was considering lip collagen injection or botox but I am scared of surgery. I tried lip explosion but it didn't work for me. Then, I found sovage instant lip plumper. Just 15 mins before I go out I use sovage and my lips plump right up! Wow! what a cool solution to my problem. I feel like my lips are sensuous or sexy looking so I guess I can say that sovage makes me feel younger. My friends have commented that they wish they had lips like mine but I haven't told them that I'm using sovage lip plumper :) I guess I probably should tell them. Anyways, if you're reading this and you want nice round plump sexy lips like mine now, get sovage instant lip plumping serum...

Review provided by Julia in Kansas City, MS USA on 5/6/2008 3:30:34 PM User Rating

Just 15 minutes before I meet a guy I put sovage instant lip plumper on my lips and they puff out. I think it makes me look irresistable, inviting, and sensual. I am an attractive woman but using this sovage lip plumping serum is driving the guys crazy. The guys are constantly looking at me and the attraction seems to be intense. Maybe it's just me or maybe i feel more attractive just because my I know that my lips look more sexy but I don't think so. If you want to get a guys attention then you gotta try this stuff. Now all my girlfriends are using sovage lip plumper and our group is one of the sexiest group of girls that you can imagine. Don't get me wrong, I'm not that up on myself but lips are important and guys love to kiss me now. Thank you sovage for making products like this that girls like me can benefit from...

Review provided by Stacy in Phoenix, AZ USA on 3/18/2008 3:02:36 PM User Rating

I started using sovage instant lip plumper about a week ago and wow, what a difference! I notice a huge difference in the contour and shape of my lips. They're full, plump and very sexy. At least that's what my boyfriend says. He says my lips look like angelina jolie's lips. I couldn't be happier about the way my lips look. My lips feel softer than ever before and make me look like a million bucks. This is way better than getting injections which i considered but will never do now! With sovage my lips look better than Angelina Jolie if you can imagine that :)

Review provided by Rhonda in CA, San Diego USA on 9/18/2007 4:04:18 PM User Rating

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