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Need a great web hosting company? Most people browsing out there will leave your site if they have to wait more than 5 seconds for your site to load. Having a web hosting company that is fast and gives yoiu the support when you need it is essential. Price is important too and reliability is a must. Every web hosting is less than perfect but what can we expect, right? What you need is a web hosting company that has fast servers backed up by 24x7 customer support. There are some great plans out there but cost alone isn't that important compared to how often your site is down or accessible. Who do we use? Well we won't give that away but they are good, really good!
essentials 3Essentials Web Hosting - Quality Web Hosting Services At The Cheapest Price Available

Why Choose 3Essentials! If you're looking for the best of the best and the cheapest price available then you can stop looking for a great web hosting company. 3Essentials stands out above all the rest in both quality AND cost. 3Essentials provides excellent customer service at an excellent cost. Their services a webmaster can use are extensive, making it easy for either a novice or professional to maintain his or her website with ease. 3Essentials is a stable, privately owned, debt-free low cost web hosting provider founded in 2001. 3Essentials is providing reliable and low cost based web hosting for over 15,000 domain names. At 3Essentials, we recognize the difference between cheap prices for web hosting, and a cheap hosting service. Our mission is to provide hosting solutions that are easy to understand, and that cover the needs of all users, from novices to experts.

I've been using 3Essentials web hosting service for about 4 months now. Let me give you my history. A year ago or so I decided to go with Webhost4Life.com as my web hosting company. They were fine for about a month and I started to notice problems. Like when I would ftp my files it would fail. I would surf out to my website and it was down. This happened repeatedly over and over for the next 2 months. I logged more than 20 outages which is unacceptable to me. WebHost4Life did respond to my emails but they never fixed the problem. I realized that they were never going to provide the type of service I require so I went web host hunting. I found 3Essentials and decided to try them. The first thing I noticed was the speed! They were prompt with my setup problems and very helpful. 3Essentials web hosting is affordable, reliable, and very cheap. I give them a two thumbs up and recommend 3Essentials website hosting to everyone because I couldn't be happier with them!

Review provided by Deric in Buffalo, NY USA on 11/22/2007 11:00:28 AM User Rating

webhost4life WebHost4Life Web Hosting - In July 2007, Webhost4life is selected to be one of the top 5000 fastest growing private companies in America by INC. Magazine.

Webhost4life is one of the fastest growing web hosting providers in the market. We provide the latest hosting technology and services that meet your business needs whether you are a small, medium or large sized business. Our goal is to provide the most reliable technology and service while maximizing the IT efficiency of your business at competitive prices

I used this web hosting company for about 6 months and the reliability was terrible. I had problem after problem which they could not seem to resolve. Website is slow, must be using old servers or something. All i know is that my experience was below acceptable guidelines. So much for 99% uptime guarantee because they would not refund me even though they knew that their hardware reliability sucks. First they told me that their router was down. Then they told me that it was my problem. I don't know whether or not they were just having a hard few months but I can't recommend them anymore...

Review provided by Dave in Denver, CO USA on 11/23/2007 12:26:03 PM User Rating

WebHost4Life.com offers many options especially for Windows Web Hosting. I have had been using this web host service for about 1.5 years with no problems. My website isn't very heavily used but my service with Webhost4life has been exceptional. I did have a problem about a month ago but it was a network issue and not their fault. If you need a cheap affordable service I recommend this company.

Review provided by Dave in Portland, OR USA on 11/20/2007 12:31:52 PM User Rating

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