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I've been using 3Essentials web hosting service for about 4 months now. Let me give you my history. A year ago or so I decided to go with Webhost4Life.com as my web hosting company. They were fine for about a month and I started to notice problems. Like when I would ftp my files it would fail. I would surf out to my website and it was down. This happened repeatedly over and over for the next 2 months. I logged more than 20 outages which is unacceptable to me. WebHost4Life did respond to my emails but they never fixed the problem. I realized that they were never going to provide the type of service I require so I went web host hunting. I found 3Essentials and decided to try them. The first thing I noticed was the speed! They were prompt with my setup problems and very helpful. 3Essentials web hosting is affordable, reliable, and very cheap. I give them a two thumbs up and recommend 3Essentials website hosting to everyone because I couldn't be happier with them!

Review provided by Deric in Buffalo, NY USA
on 11/22/2007 11:00:28 AM
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